We strongly recommend all our patients, and more specifically those with inflammatory bowel disease on immunosuppressive and biologic therapy, receive the vaccine as soon as it is available

We as staff and clinicians will get vaccinated as soon as it is available to us, not only for personal benefit, but also to protect our families and patients.

Two Vaccines have been granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the United States food and drug administration (FDA). These vaccines use a new technology called Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine.  This is not gene therapy and our DNA is not modified or altered.

COVID-19,like most viruses, uses a spike protein to attach to our cells and invade our organs. mRNA is a copy of a gene that instructs our cells to produce a protein. Once the protein is produced, the body gets rid of the mRNA, meaning it shouldn’t cause any other problems long term. Once this protein is produced, our immune system responds and creates antibodies against it. Now our body can recognize the virus and fend off any future infection, creating immunity against this virus.

Some data suggests the vaccine doesn’t just block the virus, but may also prevent severe disease in those who become ill.

Although it is early to make any assumptions, based on what we know now the current approved vaccines are safe, with no major side effects and provide enough protection even in immunocompromised populations.

Vaccination is only one element of our fight against this pandemic. We still recommend all the public health and CDC recommendations of social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks when in close contact with others, and avoiding large crowds.

Be safe!

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