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Patient Paperwork

Even if you’re covered by insurance, we understand medical expenses can be a burden so we try to keep your costs low by doing things the right way. We get to know you beginning with an in-depth medical history and we take our time during your appointments so we can determine which tests and labs you really need based on your symptoms, family history and lifestyle.

If you have any questions, we welcome your call. We realize it’s sometimes difficult to remember exact dates and details of illnesses, checkups and tests, so if you’d like us to get your medical history from your primary physician, or hospital stay, please call our office and one of our nurses will help you make a medical records request, or you can fill the form below and fax it to our office.

Patient Form

“They were so wonderfully nice to me and addressed all my questions no matter how many I had. They gave me nausea meds after hearing pain meds make me sick with no argument. You would think everywhere would be so kind, but other places have told me to, “don’t worry about it” or “you’ll be fine”. Every time I get sick, except with these amazing people. Thank you so much to the staff here!”
~ Briana Edwards

Everything You Need To Know About Your Procedures

When facing a medical procedure, most anxiety stems from surprises and fear of the unknown. We eliminate that unnecessary stress by telling you everything you need to know before your appointment. We’ll walk you through any unfamiliar procedures, explain why we’re doing it and how it affects your long-term health.
For a good gut feeling
For a Good Gut Feeling
We're an independently owned clinic made up of medical professionals who value the personal satisfaction of truly helping patients find answers and relief.

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