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“I had a colonoscopy and an EGD which is an upper GI tract examination performed on April 27, 2017 with Dr. Fadel Nammour. I have had two colonoscopies performed in the past. I can state with 100% honesty that I have never had a better experience than the experience I encountered with Dr. Nammour and his staff. Making an appointment was easy; all of my questions were answered; the cleansing instructions were easy to follow and complete; and the care was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Nammour.”
~ B.L. , Fargo, ND

“Dr. Nammour is one of Fargo’s finest physicians! Too bad the other clinics don’t have anybody to compare with him. He is excellent.”

“They were so wonderfully nice to me and addressed all my questions no matter how many I had. They gave me nausea meds after hearing pain meds make me sick with no argument. You would think everywhere would be so kind, but other places have told me to, “don’t worry about it” or “you’ll be fine”. Every time I get sick, except with these amazing people. Thank you so much to the staff here!”
~ Briana Edwards
“He was the best. Best experience ever. I have worked in the medical field all my life and this would be the MD I would work for.”
T.K. , West Fargo, ND

“Very good knowledgeable doctor. Suffered from stomach pain for almost a month before visiting this doctor. The one tablet given by this doctor resolved the issue within 3 days. No duplication of tests. Very fast appointment. Takes care of patients even on weekends. Really appreciate this. Patiently listens to all our concerns and clearly explains what the issue is. I would definitely recommend this doctor.”
S.R. , Fargo, ND

“I needed to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy quickly. Some of the larger organizations had first appointments 2-3 months out. I got in the same week I called. Doctor and staff are great. Facility is state-of-the-art. Patient communication portal very good. I highly recommend Dr. Nammour and this facility.”
~ Bill Espe

“Very knowledgeable doctor who really takes time to listen to you. Much needed alternative to the daylight robbery of Essentia and Sanford. After various walkins and numerous tests to the essentia our problem was not at all resolved even after 3 weeks. Dr Fadel just identified our problem by seeing at our reports and prescribed one simple tablet. The problem went away just like that. Really appreciate him for taking calls even on weekends.”
~ Rajendra Prasad

“One of the kindest and most competent physicians I’ve met!
~ Mylynn Tufte

“Dr. Nammour is a great GI doctor. His bedside manner is also great. Takes the time to get to know your issues, and follows up all the way through.”
~ Boyd Wilkie

“Dakota Gastroenterology is a wonderful clinic. The doctor and staff respond to medical questions and situations quickly without the run around you see elsewhere. Doctor Nammour is very knowledgeable.”
~ Sara Pankow

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